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"Our organization, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), is fortunate to enjoy a very special partnership with the Original Charity Cars. Over the years our organization has received over $150,000 in much needed funding..." Read More


Our free service is only available to IRS-recognized 501-C-3 non-profit organizations. To participate, you should direct your donors to visit our website at Please help keep this service free by asking your donors to donate online instead of calling whenever possible. Advise the donor to specify the name of the organization that is to receive the funding. Many charities have similar names so to ensure that your organization is credited with the donation it would be helpful if the donor entered your organization's Federal Tax ID # (EIN) on our donation form. 100% of the proceeds received by Charity Cars from the sale of vehicles donated online will be forwarded to that IRS-recognized 501-C-3 non-profit.*

Our service is non-exclusive which means that your organization may use our service to process some or all of your vehicle donations. Your organization may secure the donor / vehicle information and either e-mail or fax that information to us, or we will handle your donor's calls directly. Either way, once we have the donor / vehicle information there is nothing left for your organization to do. We will arrange to have the donor contacted and the vehicle and title picked up. Charity Cars, Inc. will issue all of the proper receipts and documents the donor needs to substantiate their donation to our 501-C-3 non-profit organization. The vehicles are donated directly to our organization, as we are a licensed, bonded and insured motor vehicle dealer as well as a charity. This arrangement limits your organization's liability, as the title never vests with your charity.
Although our charity has an extensive national towing network, there may be instances where it may not be cost effective to pick up a vehicle and Charity Cars may decline to accept the donation. Our professional customer service representatives will gently and courteously advise the donor of the situation.

Once the vehicle is sold and Charity Cars receives payment, we will forward a copy of the sales invoice along with a proceeds check to your organization. Checks are dispersed every month following the month in which Charity Cars recieved the proceeds. Occasionally, due to the unavoidable costs of towing and auction fees (these fees are deducted from all proceeds checks), financial losses are bound to occur. In the event of a loss from a donation, funds may be deducted from the proceeds of future donations to offset those losses, allthough your charity will never be required to send us a check for any vehicle sale loss.

Advertising is key to any successful car-donation program (All charities are responsible for their own advertising costs). We suggest that your organization place our link on your website; to add a link, click here. Additionally, your organization may want to include our website URL on all your donor mailings as well as on all outgoing e-mails to spread the word that 1-877-CHARITY is now processing vehicle donations on your organizations behalf absolutely free.*

If you are an officer of an IRS recognized 501-C-3 non-profit and you would like to utilize our free car-donation processing service please take a moment to register your organization with us. Registering is not mandatory in order for your organization to participate in this free service but registering will help to ensure that the proceeds of your donors' vehicle donations are directed to the correct charity and mailing address.

To register, or if you have any additional questions, please click here.

* Auction and tow fees will be deducted from all proceeds.


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